Karelian and Veps

There are estimated 50 000 Karelian language speakers in Republic of Karelia and Tver area in Russia and around 3 000 Veps (South and West of Onega Lake). In addition Karelian is spoken in Finland, about 10 000 speakers. The main varieties are Karelian Proper and Olonets Karelian. Karelian Proper divides to Northern and Southern dialects. There is a Karelian weekly newspaper Oma Mua and Veps weekly Kodima, along with a children’s magazine Kipinä in Karelian and Veps languages published in Republic of Karelia There are Karelian TV news in Russian side of Karelia. In Finland you can listen to Karelian radio news weekly. Karelian language has a minority language status in Finland. We have organised several comics workshops in Republic of Karelia, Tver and in Finnish Karelia.