Our Finno-Ugric comics exhibition has been displayed in different places around Russia, Finland, Estonia and Norway, from universities and conferences to cosy little village museums and festivals. It has travelled with us in our workshop venues, but also found its way independently to events that we never had a chance to visit. The exhibition has been in KomMissia comics festival and in minority language translators’ seminar in Moscow(2017), in IFUSCO International Finno-Ugric Students’ Conference in Tartu, Estonia(2018), to mention a few. In 2019 it will be seen in St Petersburg and in Helsinki Comics Festival. The comics in the exhibition are in Finno-Ugric languages with English and Russian translation. We hope the exhibition will keep on travelling and finding new audience who is interested in the minority languages and cultures, and the people’s life behind the stories.

Contact us, If you want to host the exhibition! It can be sent to you via email, it’s easy and inexpensive to print and put on display.