There are about 400 000 Erzya speaking people in the Republic of Mordovia. It is located in the western side of Volga river in Russia. Erzya is one of the three official languages of Mordovia alongside with Russian and its closest relative, Moksha language. There are couple of Erzya language newspapers and magazines (Erzyan Pravda, Syatko, Erzyan Mastor, Chilisema) as well as TV and radio programs (Radio Vaigel). The language has been preserved mainly in the countryside. We organised comics workshops for Erzya participants in February 2018. The workshops took place in the State University in the Mordovian capital city Saransk and in museum “Etno-Kudo” in the village of Podlesnaya Tavla (“Forest Tavla”). The village is famous for its woodcarvers