Votic / Ingrian

Votic and Ingrian languages are spoken in Ingria, Leningrad Oblast on the Southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. Both languages are close to extinction but are now in the process of revitalization through language projects by local activists. The projects include for example the Votic “Grandmother to grandchild” project in the village of Luzhitsy, Street signs on Ingrian language, a Map of current and lost Votic and Ingrian villages of Soikkola area, Ingrian traditional meals workshop program "Makkuin assia" and the "Izhorin maa: Tuttahus" study book. The Ingrian newspaper Soikkolan Maa is issued twice a year. We organised a workshop for Votians and Izhorians in the Vods’ museum in Luzhitsy in July 2018.