Sámi land, Sápmi stretches on the territory of four countries. There are eight surviving Sámi languages: Kildin and Skolt Sámi in Kola Peninsula in Russia, Inari, Skolt and Northern Sámi in northern Finland and Northern, Southern, and Lule Sámi in Sweden and Norway. Sweden also has a handful of Ume and Pite Sámi speakers. Kildin Sámi is written in cyrillic alphabet. The total of Sámi speakers is about 30 000-40 000. Sámi languages have a local official status in the Scandinavian countries. Each country has their own Sámi Parliament that promotes and preserves Sámi languages. All Sámi languages are endangered but some have been successfully revitalised. In Russia Sámi does not have a status and only few Sámi people speak their native language nowadays.
We have organised comics workshops for Sámi participants in Lovozero, Yona and Loparskaya in Murmansk Oblast, Russia, in Inari, Finland and in Karasjok, Norway during 2017-18. We are proud to present comics in five different Sámi languages.
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